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It’s a beautiful summer evening and the town kitties are eager to find out what new adventure awaits them. For Zack this night feels different than the others…

A book was thrown out of a window and fell a few stories before landing opened in front of Zack. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the wonders inside!

This is the long forgotten book of the 7 Kingdoms… Zack quickly grabs the book and hides on a dark alley. It’s time for the kitties to learn about their ancestors.

The Rainbow Kingdom

Millions of years ago in the radiant Rainbow Kingdom, the golden land glimmered and shimmered with every vibrant hue. Whimsical waterfalls kept the kitties happy, healthy, and hydrated. All of the kitties lived peacefully, respectfully, and mindfully. Butterscotch coloured cats of all sizes and personalities cozily napped atop the squishy cotton candy clouds, snoring and dreaming of yellowfin tuna, unicorn rides, mouse video games, and all sorts of feline fun.

This setting, ruled by Queen Sunflower, a dedicated, positive, loyal, intelligent, and tolerant Royal Cat and King Dandelion, aka Lion, a laid back, peaceful royal, existed in total harmony for centuries.

Main Characteristics

King: Dandelion
Queen: Sunflower
Fur color: Yellow
Background: Blue

The Lava Kingdom

Under ashen skies and blood orange flags, the Lava Kingdom looms. Tangerine magma erupts like fireworks. The disciplined troops are always prepared to defend their nation and its values, particularly against the Rainbow Kittizens. These red renegades drill and exercise their tails off night and day.

Ruled by evil Queen Scarlet, nicknamed “Scar” and corrupt King Crimson, life in this land is no cat’s meow! They worship the greedy goddess named Garnet, the rosy idol who vows to conquer the other Kingdoms and bring darkness to other lands.

Main Characteristics

King: Crimson
Queen: Scarlet
Fur color: Red
Background: Red

The Zombie Kingdom

Enter the Zombie Kingdom, if you dare! This wicked wasteland, where green goblins hiss and haunt.
Foggy cemeteries, rickety bridges, and poisonous sewers litter the landscape.

Highly superstitious, their favorite holidays are Halloween and Day of the Dead. They roam the lands in search of the living and rise new allies from fallen enemies.

With forest green fur coats and skull crowns, King Juniper and Queen Emerald rule with ancient rituals. They worship God Ghoul, the creepy cat of the underworld.

Main Characteristics

King: Juniper
Queen: Emerald
Fur color: Green
Background: Green

The Candy Kingdom

Faraway in a bubblegum land so berry bright, discover Candy Kingdom- a sugary delight! Lollipop lanes line every block as sticky streets make ooey, gooey catwalks!

Sweet rainbow roads let curious kitties skip, chat, and cross. Cupcake condos and gingerbread houses keep all fuzzy bellies stocked. Life is truly a piece of cake in this magical land of nonstop smiles for miles! This bliss is due to their belief in the feline god, Peach, idol of purity, who protects them from Zombie and Lava Kittizens.

Spoiled by cat pixie rulers, Queen Rose and King Coral, these friendly, pink felines nibble on candy cane bridges, so minty and fresh. They safely reside in paradise, where they happily bake, snack, sleep, and snore!

Main Characteristics

King: Coral
Queen: Rose
Fur color: Pink
Background: Pink

The Pirate Kingdom

Ahoy, matey! Surrounded by the azure, crystal waters of the Cattiibean Sea, these clever, blue bandit cats stalk and seize feline bounty like crystals, crab cakes, mousemallows, and cheese. Collecting treasure is what they do: sailing, ransacking, and foraging with pet parrots, too!

These whiskered travelers love to explore: islands, treasure chests, maps, and more. Skilled swimmers and scoundrels, these frisky felines safeguard the seas.

Governed by ruthless Queen Sapphire and King Indigo, these tricky kitties plunder wherever they go. Keen on mischief, jokes, and pranks, they’re silly and savvy sailors. They honor Sky Blue, the god of the seas and protector of Pirates, who vowed to bring them to new lands for plunder.

Main Characteristics

King: Indigo
Queen: Sapphire
Fur color: Teal
Background: Sand

The Ice Kingdom

High atop frozen mountain peaks illuminated with icy castles, sweet ice cream cone trees, and sparkling snow, this special setting shimmers like diamonds and pearls. While blustery winds blow outside and frost blankets the land, these warm-hearted, festive kitties lounge in ivory, cream, and eggshell furs and flannels by fireplaces.
Showing meows of kindness and compassion, they sled, sleigh ride, ice sculpt, snow tube, and ski.

Besides cat napping, doing yoga, meditating, and stretching, these laid back, comfy kitties love to decorate for and celebrate the holidays, especially Christmas, due to beloved Santa Claws, the god of goodness, who can freeze time and grant 9 lives!

These fun-loving and peaceful pets truly let the cat out of the bag by allowing Kittizens from other lands to enter and exit freely. Governed by the graceful and generous Queen Ivory and King Silver, this kingdom is utterly purrfect!

Main Characteristics

King: Ivory
Queen: Silver
Fur color: Grey
Background: Grey

The Knowledge Kingdom

Once upon an ancient time among grand castles, maps, hourglasses, and computers with mouse devices, of course, bookworms, brave pioneers, innovative thinkers, and fluffy tinkerers discovered new information, devised epic inventions, and gained infinite power.

Here in Knowledge Kingdom, these cool cats had access to royal libraries, elite schools and universities, platforms for stargazing, famous labs, and the best kitty technologies. Smart felines sported mauve, plum, periwinkle, and violet coats while reading, writing, drawing, inventing, creating, debating, studying and experimenting.

Led by Professor and Queen Lilac and King Magenta, MBA in Mousetrap Design, this secure, safe, happy, and peaceful place prided itself on kindness, information, and equality.

Main Characteristics

King: Magenta
Queen: Lilac
Fur color: Purple
Background: Purple

Available on Entrepot

Available on Entrepot

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